POS - Point of Sale

Retail store billing software for single and multi-store pos software best in class and covers 360 degree store operations.
A robust point of sale (pos) software focused on day to day store operations, stock management, sales and customer management. POS software can be deployed for single or multiple stores.

Unmatched Point of Sale (Pos) Features

Easy UI, Tender Summary, returns, Discounts, multi store etc.
Barcode, Warehouse, Inventory tracking, SKU management
Customer Experience
Customer management, Loyalty, Home Delivery, Purchase history etc.
Store Manager Login
Store settings, Attribute setting, Warehouse management etc.
Payments & Credits
Credit sales, easy payments.
Advanced Reports
Sales report, stock report, discount report, purchase report.

Omni Channel Experience

Eanble this beautiful product and experience best features on your fingertips.